Who to Contact

Have a question and not sure who to contact? The following list will help to direct you to the right teacher at St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School.

Phone: 705-742-9801
Fax: 705-742-0275

Questions Relating To

Contact Name


Mrs. Zeyen

Aboriginal Education Representative

Mrs. Wornoff

Breakfast Program

Mrs. Condon

To Volunteer
call 705-742-9801, Monday to Friday

Bus/Transportation Concerns

Mrs. Leal

Catholic School Council

Mrs. Leal

Exams & Report Cards

Mrs.  Leal

Exchange Students

Mrs. leal


Mrs. Gordon

Media Inquiries

Mrs. Leal

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Mrs. Zeyen

Renting a Room/Facility 

Kelly O'Boyle

Visit our School Board's
Facility Rentals for more information.

School Choir

Mrs. Logel

School Library

Mrs. Barnes

School Photos

Mrs. Zeyen

School Sport Teams

Mrs. Gordon
(Physical Education Representative)

School Website

James P. Stephen

Special Education

Mrs. Walton
(Kindergarten and Grades 5-8)

Mrs. Meekin 
(Grades 1-4)


Mrs. Condon