Speech & Language Services

Students who experience speech-language difficulties may be referred by the School Resource Team (SRT) to the Special Education Resource Teacher for individual administration of the Speech Screening Tool and/or the Language Checklist. The Screening Tool and Checklist contain information, which guides the referral process appropriately.

Students may be referred to:

  • the local Community Care Access Centre for speech therapy;
  • the local Children's Treatment Centre if they are preschool age; or
  • the Speech-Language Pathologist of the Board for language assessment or Augmentative and Alternative Communication needs.

When the information from the Speech Screening Tool and/or Language Checklist is referred to the Speech-Language Pathologist from the Board, consultation takes place between the Special Education Resource Teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist to confirm the student is appropriate for an assessment. If the referral is appropriate, the Special Education Resource Teacher submits referral paperwork and notifies the parent/guardian of the referral.

Our Board's Special Education Services deliver programs and support to students that require speech and language services. You can visit the Board website or contact the School Board for additional information.