Dress Code - Students


The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District

School Board is committed to appropriate dress for students through school

dress codes.

Dress codes have long been a part of the tradition of Catholic secondary schools

in Ontario and the PVNC Catholic District School Board. In keeping with the

Ministry of Education guidelines and within the expectations of the Safe Schools

Act, 2008, the PVNC Catholic District School Board shall establish a process that

allows a majority of parents, through their local Catholic School Council, to

decide on an appropriate dress policy in all schools.

The PVNC Catholic District School Board will continue to provide a distinctly

Catholic, positive learning and working environment, that is safe and respectful

of the needs and well-being of individuals, consistent with the mission of the

PVNC Catholic District School Board, through the implementation of school

dress codes.


It is the policy of the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington

Catholic District School Board that all schools adopt a student dress code that is

consistent with the Board's philosophy, vision statement, and Catholic social

teaching. All secondary schools shall have school dress code.


3.1 All schools, in consultation with their Catholic School Councils, shall adopt

an appropriate dress code for students which shall be in keeping with the

Board's mission and vision and Catholic social teachings.

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3.2 All school dress codes shall be in accordance with provisions of the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Education Act - Regulation 298, the

Human Rights Code, all applicable Health and Safety regulations, the

Board Purchasing Policy, and Fair Labour Practices.

3.3 Dress codes developed by each school shall identify appropriate clothing,

which recognizes the uniqueness of individuals, acknowledges respect for

self and others, and permits each student to actively and safely participate

in the learning environment.

3.3 The criteria to be used in developing student dress codes shall include

safety considerations, maintenance of proper decorum, modesty,

cleanliness, neatness, and appropriateness in relation to the activity, in

keeping with Catholic values.



Appropriate dress is standard, clean and neat at all times - standards of

acceptable dress for the school environment. These include acceptable

standards for physical education, technology courses, and general safety

throughout the school as determined by the principal (e.g.: All students

must wear the appropriate footwear for each activity and shoes at all

times. It is recommended that students' necklaces and neckwear should

be constructed of breakaway material.). Appropriate dress may or may

not mean a school dress code depending on what is decided at each

school. Students are expected to dress appropriately on the way to and

from school, during school hours, and while participating in Co-operative

Education and Board-approved field trips. All secondary schools have a

dress code. The elementary school dress code is articulated in each

school's agenda book.