School Life

Provincial PA Day - Friday, April 24, 2020 Agenda 

This Friday’s Provincial PA Day focuses on Special Education and Autism in particular. Given this focus, professional learning for all PVNC staff will be self-directed, differentiated, and while taking place during the day, asynchronous. 

Liturgy of the Word 

Staff may choose from the following options: ____________________________________________________________________________ 

Option A: Geneva Centre for Autism Introduction/Refresher on ASD 

This course offers an introduction to supporting students living with Autism within the learning environment. It is a great tool for any educator looking to better understand ASD. 

Option B: Self-Directed Learning 

Staff can select from a variety of the following self-directed learning sites to continue pursuing learning in their area of focus. 

Self Directed Learning Topics 

ASD in the Early Years Autism Navigator 

Mehrit Centre Self regulation/Zones of Regulation 

Social Skill Development You are a Social Detective - Social Thinking 

Mental Health and ASD Relevant resources 

Advanced Learning in ASD Autism Internet Modules 

Practical Learning Resources Special Education List of Resources 

Agenda Books

  Students in Grades 1-6 will be provided with an agenda.  Homework and important notes will come home in the agenda, which will be used as a communication tool between teachers, parents and students.  The cost for the agenda is $5.00.


Students are involved in daily physical activity and school teams that include; soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country running, softball, track and field. For more information please see our Clubs and Sports page.

Attendance Expectations

Punctuality and regular attendance on the part of the student is important to the process of learning. Both the individual student and his or her classmates may be impacted as a result of this issue. Parents will be contacted when late attendance and punctuality become a concern. Board attendance counsellors will be involved if attendance and punctuality do not improve after parent contact has been made by the school.

When your child is going to be absent from school, for any reason, please contact the school at (705) 742-9801.

To see the our Board's full Attendance Expectations click here

Co-curricular Activities

Robotics Club, Eco- Club, Drama Club, Choir, Intramural Sports, and Student Government are just some of the many activities that we participate in at St Patrick.  For more detail, please see our Clubs and Sports page.

Code of Conduct

Our school provides a safe and inclusive learning environment. To view the Board's Code of Conduct page click here.

Excellence in Learning

Students come to school interested in learning and staff provide students the support they need to succeed.

Living our Faith

The students of St. Patrick school live their faith through daily discussions regarding the Catholic Virtues, the Catholic Graduate Expectations and appropriate grade level Catechesis.

Social Justice

The school community is supportive of local and global social justice issues. Our fundraisers include supporting our families in need, Casa De Angelae, and United Way.