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Administration and Registration

Kindergarten Registration usually takes place in early February, online at our PVNCCDSB Website.  Other Grades occur anytime during the school year.

When you come to submit the documentation for your child for kindergarten, please bring:

  • Your child's


    Canadian Birth Certificate or other proof of age, (ie: passport,


    immigration papers)
  • Your child's


    baptismal certificate
  • Your child's immunization record
  • Confirmation of permanent address
  • Confirmation of Separate School Property Tax Support
  • Your babysitter or daycare's name and address, if your child will spend part of the day in their care
  • Documentation about your child's needs, if applicable, such as special education reports
  • Details about your child's medical conditions and/or medication requirements, such as allergic reactions or physical disabilities

View our Handbook for Parents of Kindergarten Students (PDF) for more details or visit the Board website.